Keep Calm...

by The Flavor Town Vapor™ Team

August 8th this year was a BIG day for the vaping industry. We're sure, dear reader, you've been hearing a lot about the FDA and its ever-expanding relationship with anything (and everything) related to vape products. Never heard of the FDA you say? Here's the long version of the whole process - the short version goes like this:

  1. The higher-ups wanted stricter regulations.
  2. The higher-ups created stricter regulations.
  3. The higher-ups told us to follow the new rules or get the hell outta' Dodge.

This left many, many awesome vape companies wondering – should we continue to play the game, or forfeit?


So, after an intense 90-day period (working day and night to make sure that all of our e-liquids, packaging, company policies – EVERYTHING – followed the new FDA standards), the Flavor Town Vapor™ team decided to keep calm and carry on selling the best-tasting e-liquids.


So… What’s the Current Sitch?

With the new FDA regulations being a non-avoidable subject, we had to revaluate, and ultimately dismiss our previous line of e-liquids. Talk about a total bummer (RIP Pink Cloud™). But honestly, what started as a complete headache of a situation, has turned into a very cool opportunity – to create not one but THREE new lines of premium e-liquids, 15 NEW juices in total.

The New Stuff

With three new brands – Flavor Town™Sly Juice™, and Shuga’ Sauce™ – we’re here to make sure you continue to have the most flavorable vaping experience! We’re excited to have you try our premium e-liquids. Be sure to give us shout outs on Facebook and Instagram @flavortownvapor and let us know about your favorite new flavor!