Our Story

Flavor Town founders and friends, James Carey and John Moyer have bonded over many things, but the idea of “Flavor Is First,” has been the driving force behind their partnership. Both ready for a life change, they decided that it was time to take a stab at the flavor game when it came to e-liquids. ‘Chef’ James is Le Cordon Bleu trained and a killer flavor master when it comes to the kitchen. John is a business grad and a true ‘Number Cruncher’. With the numbers and the flavors covered, the two formed Flavor Town Vapor and began the experimental process of crafting their superior flavors.

People are always asking us how our flavors are so deep and complex, and the answer is simple – we take pride in quality and craft. Chef James goes through countless sampling phases with these flavors, which means only the very best wear a Flavor Town, Sly Juice or Shuga' Sauce label.